What PLM-systems can do for CM, and how to get there

May 24th 2023 - Convendum, Brahegatan 10, Stockholm
Come and join the conversation!

Come and join the conversation!

Perhaps you have spend your proffessional life adressing these issues. Perhaps you are a configuration manager struggling away trying make the best of your current PLM-system setup. Perhaps you are in the starting phase of a PLM transformation with particular interest in the CM aspects. Either way, we think you should come and spend the day with us to share your insights, lessons learned, questions and curiosity.

We will approach the subject using the following guiding questions:

  • When implementing a PLM-system, what stakeholder needs can be derived from CM?
  • What are the use cases for CM in a PLM-system implementation?
  • How can several organizations collaborate regarding CM with support of a PLM-system?
  • How do you effectively cater to CM needs when implementing a PLM-system?
  • What are the pitfalls you need to look out for when planning the PLM-system implementation to meet CM needs?
  • How do you know if a PLM-system implementation meet current and future CM needs?
  • What are the typical future CM needs that a PLM-system can support?

Our ambition is to structure and package the output into a useful article.

When and where

May 24th 09:00 – 16:30 at Convendum, Brahegatan 10, Stockholm

This event is hosted by CAG Syntell.

Tentative program

09.00 Registration and coffee

09.30 Introduction to CM Forum and the theme

10.00 Morning conversation starters

10.30 Group workshop part 1

12.00 lunch break

13.00 Afternoon conversation starters

14.00 Group workshop part 2

15.00 Groups re-assemble and present conclusions

16.00 Final thoughts and steps ahead (we will call it a day at approx 16.30)

Do you want to be a Conversation starter?

Do you have a particular question, story or lesson learned related to this theme? Take part in framing the morning or afternoon workshops by challenging and inspiring the participants (the floor will be yours for up to 15 minutes).

Indicate your interest to be one of the conversation starters in your registration-email.


The venue has a limited capability so we need your registration to keep track of attendance. Register by emailing to participate@cmforum.se. Submit your name, organisation and add if you are interested to be a conversation starter. Register no later than May 18th.