3rd February 2021 Tobias

Get ready for our CM Highlights!

To keep up with current CM practices and to stay in tune with our CM community, take part of CM Highlights. Each webinar is devoted to a particular CM practitioner that presents CM challenges and ongoing or planned CM development in the organization.

Standard agenda is 20 minutes presentation followed by 20 minutes of reflections, comments and questions.

Our first highlight is …

CM for System of systems at Tetra Pak

Magnus Timmerby, Systems Engineering Tetra Pak, highlights how Tetra Pak currently adress how CM should be developed to support the higher system levels.

Join the webinar on feb 17th 14.00 – 14.45

Register by emailing your name and organisation to webinar@cmforum.se no later than feb 15th.

Pssst … More CM Highlights will follow this spring. Get in touch if you want your place of work or something particular regarding CM to be highlighted.