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CM Forum event no 1 2017

Configuration Management from the perspective of the acquirer
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This CM FORUM event is hosted by:

Date: Aug 31st 09:00-17:00

Venue: Trafikförvaltningen, Lindhagensgatan 100, Stockholm

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Note: Dependent on participation and presenters preference, the Swedish language might be used before English.

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09.00 Trafikförvaltningen welcomes you to CM Forum no 1 2017″ shape=”round” width=”full” effect=”fadeInLeft”] Welcome and introduction to Trafikförvaltningen’s overall goals and challenges by Caroline Ottoson, Förvaltningschef.[/ut_service_column] [ut_service_column color=”#d81500″ background=”#f1f1f1″ icon=”fa-lightbulb-o” headline=”

09.15 Introduction to CM general concepts and terms” shape=”round” width=”full” effect=”fadeInLeft”]

To establish a common understanding of what we refer to when speaking about CM, an overview of general terminology and typically CM activities will be presented by Tobias Ljungkvist.

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10.00 CM Challenges at Trafikförvaltningen” shape=”round” width=”full” effect=”fadeInLeft”] Introduction to various CM Challenges as they appear in different sections of Trafikförvaltningen.

  • Mats Lindberg Collin, Teknikstrateg Systems Engineering – CM challenges as part of ongoing System Engineering development efforts.
  • Erika strand, Affärförvaltare Fordon TF – CM challenges during the Operation and Maintenance phase.
  • Tobias Ljungkvist, CM/Q RLU project MER TTSS – CM challenges in a procurement project
  • Cecilia Lindberg, Safety strategist, TF – CM challenges from a safety perspective
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11.30 A comparison – CM challenges at FMV” shape=”round” width=”full” effect=”fadeInLeft”]To provide some perspective to how CM can be organized in an acquiring organisation, CM at FMV will be presented by Leif Sundgren, FMV.[/ut_service_column] [ut_service_column color=”#d81500″ background=”#f1f1f1″ icon=”fa-cutlery” headline=”

12.00 Lunch ” shape=”round” width=”full” effect=”fadeInLeft”]Lunch is at your own expense.[/ut_service_column] [ut_service_column color=”#d81500″ background=”#f1f1f1″ icon=”fa-comments-o” headline=”

13.00 Workshop 1 – How can CM be organized to meet the circumstances and challenges in an acquiring organization?

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The workshop will be centered around the following questions:

  • Which roles and responsibilities are necessary? How can for example the design ownership be defined across the lifecycle?
  • What should be regulated and provided from the organization centrally and what needs to be handled by the acquiring projects and the maintenance organization? What support should be given to the projects? What type of checklists/templates? What type of process-descriptions?
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14.30 Workshop 2 – What must be considered regarding the interface to suppliers?

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The discussion will be centered around the following questions:

  • What type of requirements should be defined?
  • How should the organizational interface be set up (processes, meeting forums, information exchange etc)?
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16.00 Closing discussion” shape=”round” width=”full” effect=”fadeInLeft”]Summarising the day and the agreed steps ahead.[/ut_service_column]

Registration and practical information

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