This CM FORUM event was hosted by:

Date: March 5th 09.30-16.00

Venue: Fregatten, Sandhamnsgatan 63, Stockholm

Registration is no longer possible


[ut_service_column color=”#d81500″ background=”#f1f1f1″ icon=”fa-comments-o” effect: “fadeInLeft” headline=”09.30 Seminars & discussion: Can CM find common ground for HW and SW development?” shape=”round” width=”full” effect=”fadeInLeft”]Configuration Management practices must be adapted to the chosen development model: Waterfall, Vee, Spiral, Incremental, Agile etc. But for complex systems that integrate both hardware and software, sticking to one single model might not be possible. CM will have to manage different sets of lifecycle stages, different needs for iterations and different approaches to baseline planning and release management. In this session we will explore how CM practices differ depending on development model and how CM can be applied to find common ground between development models, in particular methods for integrating HW and SW development. [/ut_service_column] [ut_service_column color=”#d81500″ background=”#f1f1f1″ icon=”fa-cutlery” headline=”12.00 Lunch” shape=”round” width=”full” effect=”fadeInLeft”][/ut_service_column] [ut_service_column color=”#d81500″ background=”#f1f1f1″ icon=”fa-lightbulb-o” headline=”13.00 Workshop: CM FORUM 2015 – What, when and how? ” shape=”round” width=”full” effect=”fadeInLeft”]The objective of the workshop is to set objectives for 2015 and produce a plan for 2015 that includes focus areas and workshop topics as well as practical approaches for the network to produce results. [/ut_service_column] [ut_service_column color=”#d81500″ background=”#f1f1f1″ icon=”fa-comments-o” headline=”15.30 Closing discussion” shape=”round” width=”full” effect=”fadeInLeft”]Summarising the day and the agreed steps ahead.[/ut_service_column]