CM FORUM event no 4 2015

CM Challenges in a networked society
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This CM FORUM event is hosted by:

Date: December 2nd 09:00-17:00

Venue: Ericsson, Kistavägen 25, Kista

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09.00 Ericsson welcomes you to CM Forum no 4 2015

 Coffee and short Ericsson presentation. 

09.15 Introduction to CM at Ericsson

A presentation about CM/CBST at Ericsson followed by a guided tour.

11.00 Lunch break

12.10 Conclusions from CM Forum event 1-3 2015

A recap of previous conclusions from CM Forum events 2015.

12.30 Traceability in a Networked Society

Presentation and discussion.

13.15 IT Challenges/Increased usage of Open Source

Presentation and discussion.

14.00 Workshop session - CM Challenges in a networked society

How do we develop CM to meet the challenges of developing, managing and operating products in a society where technology is increasingly interconnected? A central aspect is traceability. What artefacts should be considered? Which dependencies exist and which type of relationships are necessary to establish? The prior sessions will have provided some insight of typical scenarios and CM issues as input to the workshop.

16.30 Closing discussion

Summarising the day and the agreed steps ahead.


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