CM Forum and Ericsson invite you to CM Forum Event no4 2019

CM knowledge sharing

A multiperspectual experience
Program and registration
Some discussion topics pick up the results from last workshop and some topics have been identified by Ericsson out of particular interest. We ask that you pick two topics as you register. You are not expected to know everything about the topic, only to contribute to the discussion with the experience you have and in the spirit of interest and curiosity. Note the suggested links for further reading. If you have tips for more background reading – don’t hesitate to bring additional links to our attention (email and we’ll add them to the lists).


Time and place:

Nov 19th 2019, 09:00-16:00 Torshamnsgatan 21, Stockholm


09.00 Ericsson welcomes you to CM Forum no4 2019

Introduction, agenda and practical information. Coffee and sandwich is available from 08.30.

09.30 Workshop 1

Participants are grouped in accordance with 1st preferred discussion topic (see list below). 

11:00 Workshop 2 inkluding break for lunch

Participants are grouped in accordance with 2nd preferred discussion topic (see list below).

13:30 Ericsson virtual portfolio experience

Break for Coffee, networking and the virtual portfolio experience.

14.45 Group presentations and summary

Summing up the conclusions from the day identifying steps ahead. We expect to wrap up at 16.00.


Topic 1: Version management

Most organisations have one or several ways of assigning numbers that signifies the object (HW, SW or doc) version, such as 1.1.2, 2.0b, etc. What are your experiences? What is useful? What should be avoided? What do you need to consider when developing a system for assigning version numbers? Links for inspiration:

Topic 2: CM Governance

How should CM responsibilities be distributed in an organisation and how do you make sure rules and policies are known, understood and followed? And how do you instill the “right amount” of CM? How can you be sure that your organisations’s CM efforts are balanced against the organisation’s CM needs? Links for inspiration:

Topic 3: Relationship control

When structuring objects (HW, SW, docs, functions etc) that are designated for Configuration Management, the first relation that might come to mind is the parent-child relationship. However, there are a lot more ways for objects to relate to each other. What types of dependencies and compatibilities should possible to represent and control in a structure? What is currently supported and what is currently missing in IT-tools and information standards?

Topic 4: Branching

Branching might be mostly associated with SW development but we regard this topic in the wider sense (developing systems of any kind). What are the principles needed to consider when branching and how do you set up architecture, processes and workflow for parallel development and release? Links for inspiration:

Topic 5: Lifecycles and Configuration Management

The concept of lifecycle is often brought to our attention. But what do we actually mean and in what ways can the concept be applied in our strategic and operative work with Configuration Management? How do we keep track of a particular product’s current lifecycle status and what should be notified to internal and external stakeholders? At previous CM Forum event the concept of introducing quantifiable levels or stages of maturity for a product, to support decisions in the development and test processes, was discussed. How can CM support this type of needs? Links for inspiration:

Topic 6: Standards and Configuration Management

What standards regarding CM are out there? Which are actually used? Which onces bring actual value to the organization? What, in terms of CM, should be standardized but isn’t?

Topic 7: CM for legal requirements

We are continuously and increaslingly more dependent on other countries legislation. How can CM support working with compliance to legal requirements and traceablility?


Register before 2019-11-12.  The event is free of charge, but the number of participants is limited.