CM Forum and Electrolux invites you to CM Forum event no 3 2019:

Controlling variants across software, hardware and documentation

CM challenges when developing smart, connected products for a global market
Program and registration

Welcome to the 3rd CM Forum event of the year. This time we will look into the challenges of controlling versions and variants when the configuration not only includes hardware, software and documentation but also is dependent on connected devices.
We will investigate how CM can support adressing issues like:

  • achieving compatibility assurance between objects as well as backwards and forward compatibility,
  • keeping track of multiple platforms when continously developing the code base, applying different set-ups for testing (for different platforms) and managing configuration changes,
  • updating SW for connected devices (by the end user) independently of software updates performed by the manufacturer,
  • keeping the documentation single sourced, i.e. how to avoid duplicating the associated user and maintenance documentation.

To kick off our discussions, Electrolux robotics R&D will introduce us to their organization, their CM and quality processes as well as their current development of next generation of smart, connected vacuum cleaners.

We foresee that these discussions require more than one event. Therefore Ericsson will host a follow up event in November. Then we will pick up the results from Electrolux and continue the discussion flavored by the context of Ericsson’s products and CM approach.


Time and place:

Sept 19th 2019, 09:00-15:30

Sankt Göransgatan 143, Stockholm 


09.00 Electrolux welcomes you to CM Forum no3 2019

Introduction, agenda and practical information. 

09.15 An overview of Electrolux robotics R&D

Presentations from Electrolux on various perspectives:

  • Configuration Management – current approach and practices – Kofi Akosah.
  • Development of next generation vacuum cleaners – Mark Tazewell.
  •  Hardware development in relation to CM at Electrolux – Leif Vikström.

11:30 Lunch break

12:30 Workshops – Controlling variants across HW, SW and documentation

Group discussions including break for coffee.

15.00 Summarizing the day and defining the steps ahead

Summing up the conclusions from the day and framing the continuation at Ericsson. We expect to wrap up at 15.30.


Register by emailing submit your name and organization.

Register before 2019-09-12.  The event is free of charge, but the number of participants is limited.