8th October 2015 Tobias

CM FORUM activities during fall 2015

These are the important dates to allocate in your calender for remaining part of 2015.

CM FORUM meeting no4

The 4th CM Forum takes place at Ericsson, Kista on 2015-12-02 (note the change of date). Working title for the workshop: CM challanges in a Networked Society. Agenda and webform for registration will be available on www.cmforum.se within a few weeks.

Content development meetings

Two work meetings are scheduled for the purpose of developing and refining the documented results from workshop 1-3 2015. We hope that many of you are interested in taking part of this work. If you are interested to join, contact us. The idea is to work out of the Syntell office, but there will be a possibility to join over Lync. Meeting times are:

  • Content development meeting 1 – 2015-11-11, 12:00-16:30, Syntell, Sandhamnsgatan 63 or Lync
  • Content development meeting 2 – 2015-11-26, 09:00-12:00, Syntell, Sandhamnsgatan 63 or Lync