The art of managing Configuration Change

Sept 12th 2024 - Sankt Gertruds Konferens, Östergatan 7B, Malmö
Come and join the conversation!

Come and join the conversation!

Now, how do we, from a CM point of view, orchestrate a way to capture, assess, collaborate, and decide on configuration changes that adhere to all the above factors? How do we master the art of managing configuration change? Let’s meet in September and explore this topic in a CM Forum workshop.

This CM Forum workshop will focus on questions related to the management of configuration changes:

  • What needs to be considered when establishing a change process?
  • How do we best address configuration changes that affect variability and platforms?
  • How should we involve stakeholders effectively in the change control process?
  • What are the best practices for recording/documenting configuration changes?
  • When in the development process should change management be formalized?

When and where

Sept 12th 13:00 – 17:00 at St Gertruds Konferens, Östergatan 7B, Malmö (10 min walk from Malmö central station)

This event is hosted by CAG Syntell.

Tentative program

12:00 – Doors are opened. Early attendees can arrive at this time.

13:00 – Introduction of the day and the change management subject.

13:40 – Presentation from the main guest.

14:00 – Break.

14:15 – Discussions about the change management questions.

16:30 – Summary of the discussions.

17:00 – End of day.

After the event, we intend to go out for dinner, let us know if you want to join (on you own tab).

Do you want to be a Conversation starter?

Do you have a particular question, story or lesson learned related to this theme? Take part in framing the workshops and conversations by challenging and inspiring the participants (the floor will be yours for up to 10 minutes).

Indicate your interest to be one of the conversation starters in your registration-email.


The venue has a limited capability so we need your registration to keep track of attendance. Register by emailing to Submit your name, organisation and add if you plan on joining the dinner and/or are interested in being a conversation starter. Register no later than August 31st.